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Monday, April 17, 2017

Brief Demonstration Of Autodesk Revit LIVE

Autodesk Revit Live can transform any Revit model into immersive visualizations with a single mouse click. This video is recorded to show the functionalities between Revit and Revit Live. The users will be able to upload any model directly from Revit or Revit LT to the Revit Live cloud service.
The users can automatically create and make optimal use of their geometry in the cloud and produce a completely immersive model instantly. Revit LIVE facilitate the users to evaluate their design and apply different editing tools to specify navigation points, rectify location-based lighting as well as assign an exceptional render style. Besides, one can upload any model to all the mobile gadgets for distributing the model with the client any time.
The users will be able to “walk through” LIVE visualizations in quickest possible time, viewing rooms and structures from different angles, verying objects, and analyzing whichever elements are most suitable for them.

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Rajib Dey

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