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Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Role of Sustainability Manager

Sustainable energy management
Now-a-days the two disciplines, energy and sustainability, become the key factor for an organization to increase and maintain their economic, social and environmental capital base.

The organizations have to move towards a more sustainable, low carbon, energy efficient model, in order to compete with the global issues like energy security, unstable fuel prices and greenhouse gas emissions including sustainable procurement, the purchase of raw materials from sustainable sources, ethical trade and corporate social responsibility (CSR) etc.

So the organizations are giving importance to sustainability and energy monitoring to trim down risk, make business more competent & attractive to consumers and advance them technologically while reducing environmental and social impact.
Here comes the role of Sustainability Manager. Sustainable energy management can be termed as the procedure of monitoring, controlling and conserving energy in a building or organization.

The Sustainability Manager will create a clear and transparent green strategy with sustainability, energy management, social and ethical due diligence for the whole company to take advantage of environmental and energy efficiency opportunities and to reduce environmental threats.

By appointing a Sustainability Manager, the organizations will be able to describe its corporate reputation as well as read out its level of risk exposure, put the standard for competition, manipulate investor relations and impact its bottom line directly.

The Sustainability Manager can incorporate economic, environmental, and social growth opportunities into the company’s strategies in order to generate large cost reductions in addition to ensuring the organization complies with the most up to date regulations.
The work of Sustainability Manager comprises of gauging energy consumption and collecting the data, finding opportunities to save energy, and estimating how much energy each opportunity could save, taking action to target the opportunities to save energy.

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Friday, April 8, 2011

AceCAD presents it's BIM solution at Fiatech 2011

Fiatech 2011, the leading industry conference will be held on 18-20 April 2011 at Chandler AZ, USA. Ace CAD, a leading supplier of software solutions to the international structural steel industry, will participate in the conference and presents it's BIM solution, StruAEC for the structural supply chain. AceCAD will also demonstrate StruPLANT, a solution suite for the structural supply chain for industrial projects.

Participants will gather knowledge on the vision for Material Management Enterprise (MME) at the conference. MME focus on materials planning, procurement, fabrication, installation and ongoing operations support.

Fiatech's Sr. Program Director, Reg Hunter, will discuss on the topic "AceCad’s approach to materials management in fabrication".

Posted by Rajib Dey
Business Development
Global Associates (The leading provider of 3D modeling service with BIM & sketchup)