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Wednesday, July 27, 2011

GRAITEC includes advance steel and advance concrete with AutoCAD 2012 and AutoCAD Architecture 2012

GRAITEC, a leading provider of Analysis, Design and Modeling Professional integrated software, recently launches AutoCAD® 2012 and AutoCAD Architecture® 2012 compliance with advance Steel and advance Concrete.

Advance Steel and Advance Concrete facilitates structural BIM solution for structural engineers, steel detailers and reinforced concrete detailers to automatize the origination of workshop drawings, formworks and reinforcement drawings, general arrangement drawings, BOMs and NC files.

To avail the AutoCAD® 2012 compliancy, Advance Steel and Advance Concrete one has to download the applicable service pack on the GRAITEC website at

AutoCAD® 2012 can quickly generates the documents from a various modeling formats to repress manual documentation workarounds. The software can start or re-start the design process vigorously by capturing and importing as-built information.

AutoCAD® 2012 can simplify the 3D modeling process by providing new and extended workflows for 3D conceptual design, model documentation and reality capture.

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Business Development
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Monday, July 18, 2011


Now-a-days BIM (Building Information Modeling) and BIM related tool provide some real business benefits that range from hard-nosed ROI calculations, qualitative progression developments and improved construction project outcomes. BIM offers lots of business valued which are explained below :-

With the collective application & process of generating and applying digital models for design, construction and/or operations of projects, BIM exchange project data or communicate ideas seamlessly among the project team members facilitating each team members to set up a collaborative—or integrated—approach to design and construction. Each member of the project team is forced to reorganize traditional roles and workflows for getting better and quicker ways to commune ideas, trim down errors and get better productivity. BIM remains interoperable amid all team members, facilitating modeling techniques and procedures that amalgamate design, production and operations activities. Team members can better ensure that information is complete and correct.

BIM helps owners to have an improved collective understanding of design intent during a project by presenting & visualizing of architectural design.

BIM decreases conflicts, errors, omissions and changes in construction documents during construction. With virtual design and construction BIM easily recognizes potential problems in advance in the building process. Thus fixing problems early result in fewer issues in the plans, fewer hassles in the field and finally reduces rework (rekeying information into models or making changes in the field). Reducing systems clashes can help budget and schedule.

BIM aids to ameliorate the quality and speed of decision making associated with a project; manage supply chains, sequence workflow, progress correctness of data, diminish time spent on data entry, cut down design and engineering clashes and consequent rework and recover lifecycle management of buildings and infrastructure.

BIM meliorates jobsite efficiency by interacting with people, processes, materials, equipment and information more effectively.

BIM enhances productivity, increases quality & opportunities for new business and gets better project outcomes with fewer RFIs and field coordination problems

BIM users experience positive ROI on their overall investment in BIM during an economic recession.

BIM provides repeatable business value creating scope for marketing new business to new clients and maintaining repeat business with past clients.

With its data rich models, BIM assist in prefabrication, preassembly, modularization, and off-site fabrication techniques and processes. By using BIM, many fabricators get the ability to take out data rather than draw specifications that feed directly into their existing systems. Models of completed projects present a comprehensive database of project information to be applied in performance measurement.

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Business Development
Global Associates (Pioneer Company in 3D modeling with BIM & Sketchup)
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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

BIM Education Program with National BIM conference 2011 will be held on Washington, DC

buildingSMART alliance is going to present the National BIM Conference on 5-9, 2011 in Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC.

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, 8:00am - 5:00pm

Featuring the buildingSMART alliance Conference
Introduction to NBIMS-US
Application of BIM at the Schematic Phase
Transform Education with BIM - A Series from Major Universities
Familiar with IT standards and implementation for Interoperability
From building information modeling primers and case studies to cost engineering
test beds and hands-on workshops.
Featuring BIMStorm DC, BIM Aquarium, BIM & Intelligent Buildings on the exhibit floor
Application of BIM in the DoD's Military Health System enhancing Facility Life Cycle Management
Modeling the Future of Education: The Multi-disciplinary BIM Project at WIT

Going Lean with BIM

A Research Framework for Building Information Modeling

5 Years, 50 Projects: Lessons from Ongoing Private Sector BIM Implementation

Enhancing High-Performance Building by Integrating Green into BIM Tools


BIM and Comparative Structural Life Cycle Analysis

LEED Certification Facilitation: A BIM Server Approach

Knowledge Management in BIM

The Facility Maintenance and Operations Committee's Construction

Operations Building information exchange (COBie)

CMMS/CAFM Challenge

Specifiers' Properties information exchange (SPie) Presentation

Life Cycle Model Demonstration

There will be an exhibition on BIM products and services for two days, December 7-8. The exhibit also focus on 
Energy, BIM/GIS integration and Cloud Computing, full life-cycle use of BIM, along with green product integration and real-time energy data connected to BIM. Its interactive format invites teams of attendees to participate via smart phone or laptop in a live workshop charrette on the 3D design of hospitals and federal facilities in real time. Discussion will be continued on how BIM can support EcoDistricts and High-Performance Buildings.

Colocated Event
National Institute of Building Sciences Annual Meeting
bSa Annual Conference

Availibility of registration packages:
3-Day Passport
Government/Educator Passport
Student Passport
Tuesday Day Pass
Wednesday Day Pass
Thursday Day Pass
Friday Day Pass

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Posted by Rajib Dey
Business Development
Global Associates (Pioneer Company in 3D modeling with BIM & Sketchup)
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