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Thursday, January 24, 2019

A position is vacant for Revit Designer in NY

New York based Focus Lighting, a fast-growing, innovative, and award-winning architectural lighting design firm is inviting application for a full-time Revit Designer. The prospective candidate has to take the responsibilities to create beautiful architectural projects.

Besides, the candidate is liable for supporting successful project delivery for all the stages of Revit modeling.

Duties and responsibilities:

1. Generate initial Revit model setup on the basis of individual project BIM Execution Plans and Focus Revit standards.
2. Coordinate BIM process with outside collaborators to maintain smooth and trouble free process.
3. Content formation (i.e. fixture families) along with custom lighting fixture families as required.
4. Make, edit, and control detailed design drawings through all design stages with Revit.
5. Help in arranging, compiling and despatching project deliverables.
6. Help in the incessant enhancement of company Revit standards and modeling protocol to fulfill and overcome current industry best practices.
7. Assist with recruiting new hires with Focus Revit standards, and hands on Revit training.
8. Troubleshooting as required.
Qualifications Include (but are not limited to the following):
1. Atleast 4 years of professional work experience with Revit.
2. BIM Management Experience
3. 4-year degree in Architecture, Technical Theatre / Theater Design, Engineering, Construction or related field.
4. Sound knowledge AutoCAD, Microsoft Office (especially Excel) and Adobe Suite and capability to learn new software easily.
5. Working knowledge with other 3D Modeling software like Sketchup, Rhino and 3ds Max.
6. Must have experience in hospitality or retail design industry.
7. Experience in theatrical or architectural lighting design.
8. Outstanding written and oral communication skills.
9. Be highly organized and detail oriented.
10. Ability to deal with several projects all at once, work both independently and cooperatively, and cope up with the pressure.

Remuneration package will include salary and other benefits like paid vacation, medical and dental insurance etc. Send your resume to careers@focuslighting.comalong with cover letter and salary.
To apply online, click on the following link

A position is vacant for Revit Designer in NY

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Rajib Dey

Monday, January 21, 2019

How to import AutoCAD files into Revit

In this exclusive Revit tutorial, you will get some useful tips to import DWG or AutoCAD files into Revit. You will be able to convert any AutoCAD project, 2d plans into a 3D model into Revit.

Initially, you will learn how to set up the file in CAD prior to put it on Revit to get rid of any trouble with the file for working with it. Then you will learn the proper procedure to import as well as how to perform all the setups, place it and lock in exact location.

Then, you will be guided to setting all visibility graphic and how to set up entire view to view your floor plan in AutoCAD properly as well as how to apply this plan efficiently to model your revit file.

To download the project file, click on the following link.

How to prepare your DWG file :

1. Open the file in AutoCAD.
2. Verify xrefs (externally referenced DWG files). If some exist, connect them to the drawing, with the Insert option to get rid of excess layers.
3. Run SETBYLAYER to eliminate any color, linetype, or lineweight overrides from objects.

4. Run PURGE to eliminate any leftover layers, linetypes, blocks, and styles.
5. Freeze any unnecessary layers.
6. Apply SAVEAS to save a copy of the file in your “CAD Links” folder (or wherever your standard linked file location is).

To learn the complete method for importing CAD files to Revit, go through the following tutorial.

Video Source: Balkan Architect

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Rajib Dey

Friday, January 18, 2019

Simple metric conversion with AutoCAD QuickCalc calculator

The QuickCalc calculator comprises of geometric functions, unit conversions, and variables, in excess of the elementary features available in scientific calculators.

QuickCalc belongs to an expression builder. To get superior result, it does not instantly compute an answer when a function is clicked by. Rather, you can compose an expression that is easily editable.

Once it is completed, just click the equal sign (=) or press Enter. Afterward, it is possible to recover the expression from the History area, rectify it, and recalculate the results.

QuickCalc performs the following functionalities :-

Accomplish mathematical and trigonometric calculations.

Get access and evaluate calculations done earlier for re-evaluation.

Apply the calculator with the Properties palette for rectification of object properties.

Change units of measurement.

Accomplish geometric calculations with reference to certain objects.

Copy and paste values and expressions to and from the Properties palette and the Command prompt.

Accomplish calculations on mixed numbers (fractions), and feet and inches.

Identify, preserve, and use calculator variables.

Apply geometric functions from the CAL command.

In this regard, the renowned AutoCAD Tutor Lynn Allen presents an useful video tutorial on how to make easy metric conversion with the AutoCAD quick calculator. Click on the following link to watch the video.

Video Source: Cadalyst

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Rajib Dey