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Thursday, March 22, 2012

BIM and Constructability Review

Constructability can be termed as a process with which evaluation of the building model together with plans and specification are performed to find out discrepancies between a building's design and the finished product & constructability of the project and coordinate with other project participants.

An integrated BIM model can evaluate building constructability at post-conceptual and schematic design, all through the design development, pre-construction documents and entire construction stage to guarantee that design can be built to meet up targeted schedule and cost.

With constructability review BIM minimizes capital costs and overall project costs to a great extent as a BIM model characterizes building designs pragmatically in 3D to facilitate construction professionals to get an overview on how projects come together, keep on coordinated and consistent, lessen complications and save time and money during the lifecycle of the project. The building contractors are able to make their participation beforetime on the construction progression and give feedback & recommend changes that will develop the overall design and "means and methods.

A BIM model contains information on the fa├žade, the finishes for each interior wall and floor surface, and specific plumbing fixtures, method, time, cost along with green building and sustainability information.

Constructability is applied to develop existing methods associated with the construction sequence, equipment access, completed work and assembling difficult components. If a particular part of the building faces constructability problem valuable would be even just to model that part in more detail then to have the whole building fully detailed.

How BIM can provide potential benefit :-
• Contractors will be able to evaluate the design early in the process and check diverse "means and methods for construction
• Assess and ensure buildability: code compliance, value engineering, schedule and quality • Logistical planning for construction of the building
• Make sure design is being made to fulfill targeted cost and schedule
• Unveil inaccuracies and omissions in design documentation (model)
• Suggest alternating solutions while keeping design intent
• Stage deliveries to the project
• Other potential benefits may include: initial cost estimation, review of layouts, material selection, value engineering
• Commune the most up-to-date design alterations as construction was in progress and increasing safety by reducing rework on the project
• Design visualization provide supports for understanding the project in better and in more detail

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Get better building with Tekla Structures 18

Tekla just released the new version of its esteemed BIMsoftware known as Tekla Structures 18 to be helpful for structural engineering design and construction projects .

This new version contains efficient BIMworkflow and dramatically minimizes the lead times in 3D modeling workflow. Visualization & viewing will be more improved to realize the design in record time enhancing design productivity overall.

All project stakeholders ranging from architects, fabricators, contractors, designers and engineers to on-site builders will now have an access to constructible, precise and complete 3Dmodel data. From now the users will have better connectivity to machinery and export functions.

Get more option like inclusion of grids, customize information, and export reinforcements while exporting a model to IFC format.

DSTV connectivity to CNC machinery and precast machinery will have been also improved. The version comes up with new and developed components. As for example the structural engineers will be able to use on past project and design reinforcing bars with the reinforcing bar shape catalog in Tekla Structures 18.

The following are the new advanced features of Tekla Structures 18
• View what you find at the same time as revising shapes with direct manipulation
• Drawing improvements for Get superior documentation quality with developed drawing
• Get better Interoperability for construction project collaboration
• Advanced stages of automatic production with smaller amount of human inaccuracies
• Increased creativity and productivity in 3D modeling

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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The concept of parametric modelling of BIM software

Modern BIM design tool contains parametric modeling engines (i.e. the objects are defined as parameters and relations to other objects) which find out the behavior of a graphical entity and characterize relationships among model components.

A BIM software has the ability to coordinate a change occurred anyplace, as well as on sheets ready to plot, everywhere it matters: in 3D views and drawing sheets, schedules and elevations, sections and plans. Parametric objects automatically reconstruct themselves in accordance with the rules embedded in them. Revise the model in one place, and all views, drawings and schedules are synchronized instantaneously. As for example choose and shift a wall in the first floor plan and it results to adjust all the associated elements automatically. The roof will shift with the wall, maintaining any overhang relationship, the other exterior walls are expanded to stay connected to the moved wall, and so on.

The parametric three dimensional modeling is very much helpful at the early phases of design for the exact operation of a building information model as a dynamic and responsive database of information. The designers can explore variations, analyze design objects and be more proficient by keeping control over designed components .

BIM with it’s parametric modeling capabilities can be utilized for providing information for quantity-takeoffs, solar studies, day-lighting simulation, fabrication possibility early in the design process. BIM as a parametric modeling tool can provide the following benefits :-
  • A quick design (new design models can be effortlessly recreated from similar shapes, parametric parts are reprocessed in other objects or projects.
  • Access to more complication (parameters can be evaluated beyond formulae or originated from other parameters, e.g. creation of the geometry of repetitious structures.
  • Sensitivity studies (by studying the effect of changing parameters).

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Friday, March 16, 2012

An exclusive virtual event presented by Autodesk highlighting the new features & scopes of BIM

Autodesk is going to arrange an exclusive virtual event known as “Lead the Way” highlighting the 2013 Autodesk’s line of products for building, infrastructure, product, plant, and factory design.. The event will be started on March 29, 2012. The event will highlight on latest BIM solutions to cope up with the project complexities for building and construction industries. Some renowned autodesk expertise like Anthony Governanti (Autodesk Technical Marketing Manager specializing in the Construction industry), Joy Stark (industry marketing manager for architecture solutions at Autodesk), Sarah Hodges (a Sr. Industry Marketing Manager at Autodesk and highly experienced with MEP and Structural Engineering industry) will provide presentations on industry challenges. The participants will be benefitted with the following ways :-
  • Able to detect project inaccuracies throughout the design phases
  • Make designs for existing conditions as perfect as possible with respect to specific parameters maintaining design and drafting in sync
  • Mechanically design data into comprehensible project visualizations and presentations
  • Remove expensive reworks by improving project coordination and review
The event session will consist of the following :-
  • Review of Strategic Initiatives for Autodesk by Carl Bass, Amar Hanspal, and Lynn Allen
  • Building a Better Architecture Business with BIM, by Joy Stark
  • BIM for Building Engineering, by Sarah Hodges
  • Implementing BIM in Construction, by Anthony Governanti
In order to reserve your space for this free online event register with the following link :-

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