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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Get better building with Tekla Structures 18

Tekla just released the new version of its esteemed BIMsoftware known as Tekla Structures 18 to be helpful for structural engineering design and construction projects .

This new version contains efficient BIMworkflow and dramatically minimizes the lead times in 3D modeling workflow. Visualization & viewing will be more improved to realize the design in record time enhancing design productivity overall.

All project stakeholders ranging from architects, fabricators, contractors, designers and engineers to on-site builders will now have an access to constructible, precise and complete 3Dmodel data. From now the users will have better connectivity to machinery and export functions.

Get more option like inclusion of grids, customize information, and export reinforcements while exporting a model to IFC format.

DSTV connectivity to CNC machinery and precast machinery will have been also improved. The version comes up with new and developed components. As for example the structural engineers will be able to use on past project and design reinforcing bars with the reinforcing bar shape catalog in Tekla Structures 18.

The following are the new advanced features of Tekla Structures 18
• View what you find at the same time as revising shapes with direct manipulation
• Drawing improvements for Get superior documentation quality with developed drawing
• Get better Interoperability for construction project collaboration
• Advanced stages of automatic production with smaller amount of human inaccuracies
• Increased creativity and productivity in 3D modeling

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