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Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Learn how to master with AutoCAD Civil 3D in the AU LAS VEGAS 2015

CADapult Software Solutions, Inc. is conducting a training session on AutoCAD Civil 3D. By participating this cad training class, one can learn how to deal with templates, styles, and settings in AutoCAD Civil 3D. The course will provide immense benefits for civil/survey users to clear their obstacles for working with AutoCAD Civil 3D. This AutoCAD training class will also focus on data compatibility and translation, output options, and various approaches.
The class will commence from December 1-3, 2015 in the Venetian, AU LAS Vegas.

Purposes for learning:-

  • Be familiar with dealing AutoCAD Civil 3D templates, styles and settings.

  • Explore various compatibility issues through other versions of AutoCAD Civil 3D and manage data from other design packages.

  • Learn to distribute data amid project team members who are not utilizing AutoCAD Civil 3D.

  • Explore through some useful techniques for transformation to AutoCAD Civil 3D and enhancing productivity of existing users.

Primary Industry segment:

Secondary Industry segment:

  • Civil Infrastructure.


  • Building/Civil Engineering, Civil Engineer and Technician, IT Manager/CAD Equipment Manager.


  • Infrastructure Design Suite.

AutoCAD Civil 3D in the AU LAS VEGAS 2015
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Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Explore through energy analysis within Revit 2016

The users can use Revit 2016, to carry out Energy Analysis in a perfect and authentic way. The Conceptual Mass Mode and Use Building Element Mode, which contained in previous version, are now eliminated from the ribbon and are accessible in the Energy Settings dialog under the Analysis Mode pull down menu. A supplementary analysis mode-Use Conceptual Masses and Building Elements are now integrated facilitating users to carry out energy analysis on the model efficiently and precisely in case of transmitting the model from concept to detail design and the model contains these designs.

In case the chosen analysis mode includes building elements, while choosing Show Energy Model, Revit generates a 3D Energy Model view, and schedules toward Analytical Spaces and Analytical Surfaces which are analyzed and revised prior to conducting the energy simulation over the analytical model.

In Revit 2016, there exist a create energy model tool and it can be used to produce an energy analytical model. The users can view the model directly inside Revit and they don’t have to export the model through any third party programs to view it. Thus the users will gain superior control to ratify and check the energy analytical model for performing energy analysis in a greater and perfect manner.

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Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Jenoptik presents 3D metal cutting laser in Fabtech 2015

At Fabtech 2015, North America’s largest trade event for metal process technology, Jenoptik can demonstrate its laser machine series for 3D metal cutting in Hall North 2, booth 6087 from November 9 to 12 at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois (US).

Laser cutting permits an extremely efficient process of complicated metal components. The non-contact method minimizes prices caused by set-up time or tool wear. JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM is designed for processing of a range of metal operating components, even though the manufacturer processes on just one laser machine, as a result of there’s no have to be compelled to use special cutting dies as throughout the traditional process. With a repeat accuracy of up to fifty ┬Ám, this laser machine ranks among the foremost precise systems of its category. Moreover, the axis movement of the robot’s laser arm are up to 60 percent quicker than those of the present robot standards, therefore giving a considerably shorter cycle time compared to alternative robot systems.

The system conception of the JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM series is based on a beam guide within the mechanism. It permits using laser sources with an influence of up to four kW power while not having to use a complex external beam guide. At a similar time, the laser beam path prevents the laser beam from pumping effects, guaranteeing a stable beam quality. This approach permits Jenoptik to deliver its customers a technological competitive advantage.

With its metal cutting laser machine series, Jenoptik serves the automotive trade by cutting e.g. complicated automobile body and structural components furthermore as hydro-formed tubes, getting used for exhaust systems or car body rail manufacturing. JENOPTIK-VOTAN BIM is easy to integrate into production lines or combined process units.

Watch a live demonstration of the mechanism at Jenoptik’s booth 6087 in Hall North two at the Fabtech trade event from nine to twelve November.

Introduction to Revit Architecture 2016

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Monday, October 12, 2015

PointSense for AutoCAD can analyze 3d laser scan data in AutoCAD

After releasing PointSense for Revit, Faro also introduced PointSense for AutoCAD. This newest CAD based application will help CAD users to control, model and scrutinize huge Autodesk point cloud data in their CAD drawings, 3D models and plans by applying a wide array of useful design toolset within PointSense that contain superior scan navigation, general shape extraction and surface analysis routines.

For more information, visit

Watch the demo video

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Introduction to Revit Architecture 2016

Be familiar with Revit Architecture 2016 and explore the various features of this exclusive BIM software.Learn how to customize symbolize assemblies as well as produce a mass in diverse forms and import of mass from sketchup & generate a family.

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Monday, October 5, 2015

CCS(Construction-Cad Solutions) Offering Network Design and Engineering Services in Canada

Now CCS providing BIM services healthcare solutions (HCS) provider, Swisslog, in Canada. Construction-CAD Solutions (CCS), a full-service provider of turnkey Network Design, Project Management, Site Survey and Structured Cabling solutions to communications, cable, utility and different connected industries, announces nowadays that it’s formal certification and authorization to produce its network solutions in Canada. The authorization comes because the company continues its spectacular overall client growth within the United States.

Growth of CCS, year-over-year, has been robust for several years, however 2015 is ready to break even own goals. On top of outperforming CCS here within the States, the number of international interest, received has been nothing short of astounding. CSS is approved to produce services in Canada currently and have already begun work with Swisslog’s Canadian operations; providing (BIM) (Building information Modeling) services for its HCS unit.

CCS is the most popular 3D modeller and designer for the Swisslog TransLogic® and its Pneumatic Tube System — each within the United States and in Canada. CCS provides variety of vital services for Swisslog depending on the project needs, together with BIM coordination, 3D modelling, shop drawings and installs prints. Implement of the most recent software and BIM procedures, CCS systematically outperforms client time and budget concern.

CCS provides an area of services that include design of electrical, HVAC, pneumatic tubing, plumbing and architectural work.

CCS’s BIM services include:

  • MEP coordination services
  • 3D modelling
  • Room layout mock ups
  • Perspective renderings
  • 2D to 3D conversion
  • MEP Clash detection
  • 3D walkthroughs

In addition to its latest national and international growth, CCS has arranged the groundwork for extra operations each in South America and Europe. Formal announcements are expected in Autumn 2015.

To learn a lot of regarding CCS award winning suite of Network Design, Project Management, website Survey and Structured Cabling, visit

CCS:- Established in 1998, Construction-CAD Solutions (CCS) is a full-service provider of turnkey Network Design, Project Management, Site Survey and Structured Cabling solutions to telecommunications, cable, utility, and other related industries. As part of its comprehensive solutions portfolio, CCS offers Drafting, Surveying, Permitting, Engineering, and Building Information Modeling (BIM) services. CCS’s inventive ideas and custom solutions keep its client engagements on time and on budget. The team is comprised of proficient and experienced project managers, consultants, CAD technicians, designers, 3-D BIM modellers, and land surveyors. A sole-source provider to many Fortune 1000 companies, with engagements in both North and South America, CCS has built its reputation on delivering value-added network design and construction support, backed by a customer-centric philosophy that runs company-wide.

Swisslog:- Designs, develops and delivers best-in-class automation solutions for forward-thinking hospitals, warehouses and distribution centres. Swisslog is an inspiring global organization with 2 500 talented employees in more than 20 countries on four continents and customers in more than 50 countries. Headquartered in Buchs/Aarau, Switzerland, the Swisslog group is organized in two business areas, Healthcare Solutions (HCS) and Warehouse & Distribution Solutions (WDS).

For more information visit:

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Saturday, October 3, 2015

PointSense for Revit can create BIM models out of Point Clouds

It is an easy to use tool set for creating BIM models from point clouds inside revit.

FARO Technologies recently introduced a useful tool for Revit users. This tool is known as PointSense for Revit. PointSense contains a simplied toolset that can be used to generate BIM models out of point clouds data by converting point clouds to architectural BIM models within Revit. This toolset simplifies the process for making as-built to BIM.

PointSens offers the following features :-

  • Produce improved laser scan workflows directly within Revit for family wall extraction,
  • Wall angle modification and rectification,
  • Surface study and topo extraction,
  • Extraction of work planes/edges/corners out of point clouds,
  • Authentic 3D point cloud snapping,
  • Plane/edge recognition with a single click,
  • Ortho image formation and more,
  • Creation of new Revit family objects out of scan data and inclusion of common objects like doors, windows, modeling lines, construction points and basic topo surfaces.

The users can get multiple options for handling as-built data in the Family Editor.

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