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Friday, June 8, 2012

GRAITEC launched SP1 for Advance Steel version 2012

GRAITEC, a trusted name for developing fabrication and structural design software for the construction sector, just launched SP1 for Advance Steel version 2012.
This newly launched product comes up with a wide array of advancements and provides great assistance to structuralengineers.

5D BIM solution with iTWO plugin

Go through the following video for smooth management of construction process

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Applied Software collaborate with Trelligence, VIMtrek and Coast 2 Coast to provide new aspects of BIM and Revit

Applied Software, a noted Building Information Modeling (BIM) services provider make announcement that it is collaborating with Trelligence, VIMtrek and Coast 2 Coast at Revit Technology Conference (RTC) North America 2012.
In this conference some renowned professionals from these Gold Sponsor companies and others will demonstrate how the BIM lifecycle is implemented as a dynamic, faultless process, ranging from early planning to facility management. The conference is scheduled to be commenced from June 28-30, 2012 at at Stone Mountain, Georgia.

On RTC North America 2012, various types of industry experts and technologists will focus on present modeling challenges and convey advice, insights and best practices associated with Revit/BIM.
There will presenters from Applied Software and they discuss on the following:
  • Dennis Howell: "Advanced Design in Revit MEP Using Spaces"
  • Michael Massey: "A Whole New System in Revit MEP"
  • Rabi Sidawi & Michael Zeeveld: "Custom Structural Design for Architects – Trusses, Canopies and More"
RTC is an unique event as it will bring superior level of innovations and subject matter experts jointly under one roof. If you are a newbie to Revit/BIM technology and practices, or are already well versed with Revit & BIM and want to develop productivity and performance, then the presentations, labs and exhibitions at RTC can bring a great solution to boost up your business.
Go through the following links to receive more information on the conference and get details for registration.
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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

A consensus-based standard known as NBIMS-US V2 is launched to aid Glass Industry

A consensus-based standard administrating BuildingInformation Modeling (BIM) is launched in the United States and several other countries like United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Korea, Australia and New Zealand. This newly launched standard will provide useful information for processing BIM to generate cost-effective building.

A BIM model can generate rich information with the help of computers and a standard.

Last month National BIM Standard-United State Version 2 was released through the 2012 American Institute of Architects (AIA) Conference and Expo in Washington, D.C. The earlier edition-United States National Building Information Modeling Standard (NBIMS) Version 1 - Part 1 (V1P1): Overview, Principles and Methodologies-came out in December 2007.

NBIMS V1P1 mainly focused on the approach for creating open BIM standards. It was written by a team of 30 subject matter experts and pursued an open process. But it does not refer to a consensus standard.

On the other hand, the newly launched NBIMS-US V2 abides by an open consensus process lay down by rules of governance set up by the NIBS.

The BIM U.S. standards were segregate into the approved ballots of three major categories: reference standards (standards like Industry Foundation Classes/ISO 16739), information exchange standards constructed on the reference standards (like the Construction Operations Building Information Exchange , alias COBie which manages the handoff data from construction to operations during the completion of a building) and greatest practice guidelines), facilitating users to put into practice the open BIM standards-based deliverables.

This newly launched standard can regulate certain pieces of the process in order that innovation can go on with at a quicker speed and software developers can undertake proper decisions on the future of their R&D programs.

Download the standard


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Friday, June 1, 2012

Latest innovation in IT for a greener economy

The building industries as well as business, governments, non-government organisations (NGOs) and academic institutions are adopting the latest innovation in IT to manage their resources efficiently.  The IT should also be regarded as the elementary infrastructure in conjugation with electricity, water supply and healthcare to achieve their goals. 
As for example, ITC Limited, an India based  IT company, has increased the incomes of some small-scale farmers in India with the introduction of internet kiosks that allow them to avail the information on existing crop prices, farming techniques and local weather reports.
In Japan, global IT firm Fujitsu is building up new technologies that unite sensors and cloud-based applications aiding local authorities to forecast and respond to natural disasters.
IT innovations like cloud computing are mostly recognized solutions at the time of developing in a more sustainable way. Sensors and other devices which accumulate huge volume of data and smart cities, smart grids for energy and water, and similar trends in sustainability mainly rely on these technologies.  The technology facilitates people to minimize costs and environmental forces with proper allocation of resources.
Upcoming IT technologies can scrutinize and provide details on environmental impacts to develop corporate and social responsibility (CSR) management for firms, especially for those work in markets with government directives involving regular CSR reporting.
The customer can get all the information like data on energy, carbon, water, waste and supply chain sustainability in a solitary application whenever they require the information. All the information are constantly updated for observing advancement and detecting areas for development on an on-going basis.   
A Norway based solar manufacturer Renewable Energy Corporation (REC Solar) utilizes  IT technology to bring reliability for weathering the industry’s recent disaster of reducing profit margins and slow demand.
Head of Asia Pacific for REC Solar Matt Daly commented that its fully-automated manufacturing and testing processes gave it a competitive advantage over cost and quality.
The character of solar production needs high precision and a near-zero threshold for error which is obtainable with the proper application of technology, people and tightly run processes.
A computerized systems required for performing tasks like  ordering supplies, tracking and shipping client orders, and organizing with distributors are all incorporated into a system that managers can avail at any time.
IT technology can automate and augment the procedure to be useful research and development of the firm.
As for instance, a new programme introduced by the United States-based National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration applies satellite-driven global positioning systems (GPS) to defend dying out right whales. Specifically prepared buoys ‘listen in’ on the communication of right whales and alert nearby boats to their whereabouts.
Global NGO WWF’s ‘EcoGuru’ application facilitates people to work out and advance their ecological footprint, and their website provides an index to assist companies getting sustainable sources of paper.
The IT technologies can put in to a sustainable future and incorporate solutions for socio-economic, environmental and economic development.

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